A most enjoyable Gentlemen’s Evening

Dave Goddard, on behalf of the Warrington Group, organised a most enjoyable Gentlemen’s Evening with excellent food, a brilliant speaker, a comedian and lots of laughter. The main aims were enjoyment, friendship and generating funds for charity.

Pictured from left to right, on the back row are: Dave Goddard and Chris Eyres. Front row: George Thornton (past player), Alex Murphy and Mike Maguire.

Pictured from left to right, on the back row are: Dave Goddard and Chris Eyres. Front row: George Thornton (past player), Alex Murphy and Mike Maguire.

Dave opened the evening by first introducing himself and then gave an overview of the evening and the charities to be supported by the evening. He went on to introduce Warrington Group Chairman Chris Eyres and the master of ceremonies Peter Whalley. The main charities to benefit are the Walton Lea Partnership and the Radley Common Luncheon Club.

Peter’s first job was to organise a heads and tails bingo game as the first fund raising item of the evening. This had everyone standing up and sitting down which provided much needed exercise before the meal was served, which improved everyone’s appetite.

Ken Smith said grace and the meal was served, which consisted of chicken liver pate, stuffed breast of chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce, sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and ice cream. A selection of red and white wines accompanied the meal, followed by tea or coffee. Ken returned thanks.

Peter introduced Alex Murphy OBE as the first speaker. Alex’s long rugby history of many successes included playing for St Helens, Leigh and Warrington. He played 27 test matches for Great Britain and was the first player to captain three different clubs to victory in the Challenge Cup.

Alex went on to portray many of his memories of his long career. These included one time when he took his team to Australia, with several unusual occurrences and his regular visits to Wembley. The room was very quiet whilst the events were described, with lots of laughter following the punch lines. A few changing room discussions were also included. The room seemed to be very interested to share Alex’s experiences. Very loud applause followed with much appreciation being demonstrated.

Some of the happy diners.

Some of the happy diners.

Peter thanked Alex for a very informative and humorous talk, saying that by the amount of applause, he felt certain that everyone had enjoyed his talk very much. A raffle then ensued which again raised funds for the charities.

Following a natural break Peter introduced Mike Maguire, a comedian. After a very short time Mike had everyone in stiches, laughing along with him. He demonstrated a keen sense of humour converting everyday happenings into hilarious scenarios, coupled with a very able skill to impersonate almost anyone and everyone. His audience participation levels were excellent, with the ability to sense where to probe and where not to.

Peter, on behalf of everyone present, thanked Mike for his extremely funny and enjoyable performance. An auction then followed where several unique items were offered for sale. Overall the evening generated £1,000 for charity.

Peter and Dave closed the evening by thanking everyone for their attendance and generous support. Chris Eyres thanked all who helped to plan the evening, including Peter for being master of ceremonies, Dave for organising the event, Andrew Young for his help with the auction and the catering staff of the hall and everyone for their support. Special thanks went to Alex and Mike for their entertainment. He hoped all had an enjoyable and memorable evening.