A happy and joyful Abercromby

Now 95 years in existence, Abercromby Chapter No 3699 took another step towards its centenary in 2022 with the annual installation ceremony in Liverpool Masonic Hall. The chapter was honoured with the presence of Kevin Poynton at the Installation, accompanied by David Kemp, vice chairman for the Royal Arch chapters within the Liverpool Group.

Pictured from left to right, are: Barry Fletcher, Brian Kendrick, Andrew Beddeson and Kevin Poynton.

Pictured from left to right, are: Barry Fletcher, Brian Kendrick, Andrew Beddeson and Kevin Poynton.

The chapter was as usual well attended but some of the members were absent due to work commitments and illness and therefore changes had to be made at the last minute. Sadly, the first principal David Bryne was absent but fortunately Tony Fennel PrAGDC was able to stand in to act David’s place and performed an excellent ceremony installing Brian Kendrick as first principal. Barry Fletcher was installed as second principal with Andrew Beddeson installed as third principal.

It was evident that all members had worked very hard to produce a ritual consistent with the high standards demanded by their director of ceremonies John Robert’s. Of course, ‘mother hen’ was his usual omnipresent self, ready to guide and assist when and where necessary thus making for a smooth and consistent approach which placed everybody at their ease.

The red robe address was given by Mark Connell, the purple robe address by Tony Fennell while that of the blue robe address was given by Alex Halford. The address to the first principal was by Charlie Wass and that to the combined three principals by Roy Ashley, while Ed Mawdsley gave the address to the newly invested officers of the chapter. The address to the companions of the chapter was delivered by the representative of the Grand Superintendent, Kevin Poynton.

At the conclusion of the ceremony Kevin brought greetings from the Grand Superintendent Tony Harrison, congratulating the three principals, by saying: “The Grand Superintendent hopes you have a good and enjoyable year in office.” Kevin then congratulated Tony Fennell for his excellent work and to all the members of the chapter for the enjoyable and unique ceremony, commenting on how well the companions of the chapter had pulled together for the ceremony.

Brian Kendrick then presented charitable cheques on behalf of the Chapter each for £100 in favour of Woodlands Hospice (Fazakerley), the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the Liverpool Masonic Hall Building Fund. Kevin thanked the companions for their generosity of their donation on behalf of the recipients.

On the conclusion of the ceremony the companions moved into the adjacent banquet room for their festive board. It was here that Kevin Poynton, in response to the toast to the grand officers, congratulated the chapter on a well organised ceremony, before thanking the grand and acting Provincial grand officers for their support. Kevin then moved on to discuss the MCF 2021 Festival, with specific reference to the magnificent donation the chapter had made earlier in the evening. Kevin noted that it was great to see so many companions wearing their festival jewel adding how pleasing it was to see the fantastic commitment being given around the province to the festival.

Kevin then touched upon the need to make sure that fellow Masons were made aware of the Royal Arch and that we need to go out and sell it to them. In conclusion he congratulated the three principals and encouraged them to enjoy their Royal Arch Masonry and to keep up with the good work which has made this, the Abercromby, such a happy and joyful chapter.