A great ‘Old English Night’ at Atherton

It was that time of year again that the members of Atherton Lodge No 4488 celebrated their Old English night with the usual eclectic mix consisting of fines – for any and every misdemeanour, traditional Lancashire food and prose, rounded off with numerous hitherto unknown facts regarding the holiday activities of WM Bill Evans.

WM Bill Evans (left) with IPM Mike Pinion.

WM Bill Evans (left) with IPM Mike Pinion.

Carlton Catterall regaled the assembled brethren with the hilarious: “My Dad said he’d give me what for”, the turkeys tale of “Black November” and one of the most erudite accounts of, that most famous of Old English battles, the Battle of Hastings that the brethren are ever likely to hear.

Fines master Stephen Rainford was on top form, showing absolute discretion in all cases of custom, manner and practice during the evening with numerous fines for un-Masonic behaviour, ignoring the gavel, disobeying the DC, drinking wine not Ale and that most heinous of crimes ridiculing Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

Dinner consisted of a homely pea and ham soup, black pudding with English mustard, 21 day matured roast beef with all the trimmings, tipsy sherry trifle followed by a cheese board. The doctor wouldn’t recommend such a meal too frequently, but if you’re from Lancashire, and several were not, its traditional and delicious Olde England fayre.

Nobody complained though, and the ‘Black Puddings’ where by far the most popular dish even though some opted for the 25p fine rather than eat all the skin!

Brian prepared a thoroughly researched synopsis of Bills several holidays a year to his favourite destination Goa generously informing everyone that one more visit this year will entitle Bill to have a street named after him, Bill Evans Boulevard has a nice ring to it!

Bill has also been awarded the 2014 Golden Goblet award, Issued by the Goan Chamber of commerce for services to the Goan brewing industry!

Brian had everyone roaring with high spirited and good natured laughter.

Toast’s were proposed, responses were given, honours were made, beer flowed and red wine was spilled. All in all a very enjoyable and charitable evening at Atherton Lodge, raised over £250 for both Masonic and non-Masonic charities.

Too soon the evening was over; time really does fly when you are having fun: With a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne best wishes were made with promises to meet up again soon.

Pictured from left to right, are: Carlton Catteral, Stephen Rainford, Malcolm Parr and Brian Thompson.

Pictured from left to right, are: Carlton Catteral, Stephen Rainford, Malcolm Parr and Brian Thompson.