Blackpool Group

The railway first came to Blackpool in 1846 and it was just a year later that a Masonic lodge first met in Blackpool, although it did not survive for long.

However, a few years later in 1857 another lodge was formed and it still meets today. More lodges were formed in the last quarter of the 19th century and we later saw the “boom” times of the post-war periods after 1918 and after 1945.

In 1888 a plot of land was purchased in Adelaide Street, Blackpool, for the sum of £1,700. In May 1898 the cornerstone was laid for a Masonic Hall, by the Right Honourable, Lord Skelmersdale. PGW and on completion in September, 1899 the building was also opened by him when he had become Lord Latham and the new Provincial Grand Master

Blackpool Masonic Hall Adelaide Street

Blackpool Masonic Hall Adelaide Street

Freemasonry has grown over the last 150 years much in line with the growth of Blackpool as Britain’s premier seaside resort.

Today 19 lodges regularly meet at the Masonic Hall in Adelaide Street with a total of some 660 subscribing members.

Lodge meetings are held each month, normally between September and May, the summer months as might be expected being devoted to the tourist industry.

Blackpool, has one particular rarity, a daytime lodge, Symphony Lodge No 4924.

This lodge was formed in 1927 specifically to accommodate the artists and musicians who would obviously be working in the evenings. Many famous stars of stage and screen have over the years attended Symphony Lodge while appearing in summer season shows in the town.

It has been recognised that the Masonic Hall needed to be updated and modernised to attract a younger membership with their families to use the facilities.

So the club over the last few years has carried out extensive redecoration, especially in the internal public areas.

Lodge Room in Blackpool Masonic Hall

Lodge Room in Blackpool Masonic Hall

The good news is that younger members are now being attracted into West Lancashire Freemasonry, with the average age being 43 years.

The hall has naturally been extended and revamped over the years but it still retains its original character and can proudly boast a hidden gem, a particularly magnificent lodge room.

Our wives, partners and families are an essential ingredient in the enjoyment of Freemasonry and they contribute greatly in the rising success of our Masonic Hall and its lodges.