MCF 2021 Festival

In this section  of the website you will find the latest news and information including all the forms and documents relating to the Province of West Lancashire MCF 2021 Festival which was officially launched on 10 May 2017 at Provincial Grand Lodge by the Provincial Grand Master.

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  • A Message from the Provincial Grand Master, Tony Harrison

    Dear Brethren and Companions,

    I write to further inform you and encourage you to wholeheartedly support our West Lancashire 2021 Festival in aid of the Masonic Charitable Foundation which I launched on 10 May 2017 at our Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in Blackpool.

    The Festival in preparation has already achieved several firsts and I am grateful to the Festival Vice President WBro David Winder and WBro Philip Preston the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and his charity team for securing them.

    I am proud that our Province was the first to be invited to support the new Masonic Charitable Foundation which brings together and overarches the four main Masonic charities of the Grand Charity, Samaritan Fund, Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution and the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

    It is the first time that any Festival in West Lancashire has been designated for a four year period. Previous festivals have been for five, seven or ten year durations.

    This has been achieved due to the impetus of the forthcoming 300 year celebrations which also commence in 2017.

    It is for this reason that I would like any charitable donations raised from Tercentenary celebrations in 2017 are to go to the West Lancashire 2021 Festival in aid of MCF, and not the Tercentenary fund.

  • Find out more about the MCF 2021 Festival on these pages

  • It is the first time that any Province has been able to display its own Coat of Arms on a festival jewel. The jewel is unique, bespoke to our Province and I encourage you to wear your steward’s jewel with pride.

    It is the first time that a white relief chest envelope will be used for charity plate donations within lodges and chapters that is attributable to personal festival patronage. It is my wish that during festival the white envelope should be your first choice and priority for donations within lodge and chapter.

    Both festival jewels and the white envelope system will be introduced from January 2017 due to the four year festival being achieved through the impetus of 300 year celebrations. Jewels are available for patronage now.

    It is also the first time that Provincial merchandise in the form of Provincial ties (both Craft and Royal Arch) cuff links and pocket squares have been designed to match and coordinate with the festival jewel. The first time also that the Province has had an online shop for individual merchandising. Profits from merchandise will go to the festival.

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Tony Harrison.

Tony Harrison.

There is also a freepost envelope system for white envelope returns to London which is also a first for any Province.
Festival information, forms and updates are all available in this area of the website.
Individual jewel patronage can be achieved by taking out direct debit mandate over the remaining period of the Festival – See your Lodge, Chapter or group charity steward for the monthly payment for Steward, Vice Patron, Patron and Grand Patron respectively.

Jewel patronage can also be obtained by making a single one off payment of £240, £480, £720 or £1200 respectively for Steward, Vice Patron, Patron or Grand Patron.

All donations at whatever level will be greatly appreciated and I very much hope that you will wear your Stewards jewel with pride!

Lodge and group patronage will be £1,500, £3,000, £4,500 over four years for Vice Patron, Patron and Grand Patron respectively. Patronage amounts for Royal Arch Chapters will be exactly half that for lodges or groups. On attaining patronage Groups, Lodges and Chapters can display that achievement on their summonses and documentation.

Festivals are the main source of fundraising for the MCF and the four main charities that it now over-arches and supports.

  • It is a salient and thought provoking fact that in the last five years alone our own Masons, widows and dependents in this Province alone and not including non-Masonic giving to hospices and other worthy causes has received £6,500,000 from what is now the MCF. We often say when toasting charities “May we never need them”. In truth we do not know whether or when we might need them!

    There are clearly 6,500,000 very good reasons over those last five years to give support to our own Masons, widows and dependants who are in need. There may of course be many more that we do not as yet know about.

    Your charity steward has recently attended a training presentation and has a full pack of information to assist him in further explanation of any questions you may have. You should also have received your own launch brochure.

    You can also watch a shortened presentation video about the West Lancashire Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021 Festival by David Winder.

    If you have any questions any member of the charity team will be happy to provide help, advice and support.

    Our Province has a fine history of supporting those in need and putting service before self. Charity is at the heart and one of the cornerstones of being a Freemason. Could I therefore encourage you to take up patronage of the festival as early as possible, to wear your Stewards Jewel with pride; to organise fund raising events in support of it and to have a thoroughly enjoyable time in the process, knowing that your effort will be to the benefit of someone in need.

    It is good to know that MCF really does cover the whole gambit of charitable care and is there should we need it!

    Thank you in anticipation of your support of it and for “Making that difference!”

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    Watch the video below to find out more about the West Lancashire Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021 Festival.

    The MCF supports many national charities, Hospices, Medical research, Air Ambulances and of course Brethren and their dependants.

Watch the videos below to find out about some of the ways the MCF provides financial help for medical research, the community as well as brethren and their dependants.